Monday, May 19, 2008

You Can't Bury The Truth AKA LeBron, Sit Yo Ass Down!

The Celtics won yet another Game 7 in The Jungle 97-92 to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker did it in their first playoff run together back in 2002. LeBron James scored 45 points in every way conceivable and Paul Pierce scored 41 including two shots that bounced in for 4 total points. Seeing as how the C's won by 5, people joked that the ghost of Red Auerbach tipped them in.

The Celtics outrebounded the Cavs, shot better from the free throw line and avoided making costly turnovers. In the end, hustle plays by Eddie House, James Posey, P.J. Brown and Paul Pierce ended up deciding the game. One team hustled more, executed better on offense and defense and fought harder to come out with the win. Last night, that team was the Boston Celtics.

They have almost no time to get ready for the Detroit Pistons who have been resting and waiting for four days to get an opponent. It all happens tomorrow night, Boston vs. Detroit. Get your popcorn ready! The Celtics have now won 8 straight playoff games in The Jungle, let's see how far the streak can go.

Eastern Conference Finals Game 1 @ TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, MA 8:30 PM
(1) Boston Celtics vs. (2) Detroit Pistons



Sickamore said...

DocZeus said...

Calling the fake Boston Garden, the Jungle is absolutely ridiculous considering you guys have been atrocious there until Kevin McHale gave Kevin Garnett away for .35 cents on the dollar. That's exactly why I hate Boston with the fire of a thousands suns.

I hope the Pistons tar and feather you guys.

Anonymous said...

Are you a Knicks fan?

Dart Adams said...

@Doc Zeus:

The Garden became named The Jungle during the 2002 Celtics playoff run by Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce when they won 6 straight playoff games there and had the greatest comeback in NBA history aginst the New Jersey Nets in Game 3 in Boston. I was there at those games that year and I guarantee you the nickname was earned.

It was also the same year that Shaq nicknamed Paul Pierce "The Truth" because the Celtics swept the season series against the Lakers (2-0) because they couldn't stick either Walker nor Pierce.

I can do this all day^. I'm a Black encyclopedia.



Anonymous said...

boston is pretty tuff. cleveland is a weak team.

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DocZeus said...

"Are you a Knicks fan?"

Hell no. I'm from Cleveland. I just loathe a city that bases it's identity around being tragically "cursed" over one of their four major sports teams despite the fact, they won numerous championships in other sports.

But THEN after the Red Sox finally won a championship, they kill their whole woe is me bullshit and then they miraculously become eighteen times worse than fucking YANKEES fans. As if that's humanely possible.

And Cubs fans can eat a dick too because they got to root for Michael Jordan and saw 6 world championships in a decade.

Dart Adams said...

@Doc Zeus:

That is true....but I prefer winning. If the Chicago Cubs fans all of a sudden experienced a World Series win their identities will change as well.

As a Bostonian I also apologize for our teams eliminating the Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavaliers all from the playoffs in recent years.


S-Diggy said...

lol doc

U Mad, b??

i like when people find every excuse they can to hate on a city.
you expect us Sox to still be upset after we get two wins in 3 seasons after not winning for that long?
and now that the Celtics are good again, you don't want us to be happy?
come on
be reasonable