Thursday, May 15, 2008

Four Of A Kind Beats One King

I'm sure you all saw the game last night and have since seen the TNT recap shows and have checked out ESPN for future analysis. In an effort to not beat you over the head with more of that same 'ol same shit I offer you a photo essay type collage of pics courtesy of Yahoo and add my short take on what allowed the Celtics to go 7-0 in The Jungle last night. Enjoy:

The game down to several basic things. The Cavaliers had a chance to bury the Celtics in the 2nd quarter but they went on a run fueled by two huge Rajon Rondo three pointers that brought the Celtics back from a 14 point deficit. When the 2nd half started, the Celtics played with a new found vigor and put that towards their defense.

Rajon Rondo (20 pts 13 ast 2 blk 2 stl) took over the game and pushed the tempo while Paul Pierce (29 pts 7 reb 3 ast) and Kevin Garnett (26 pts 16 reb 4 ast 3 blk 2 stl) dominated at both ends of the court helping the Celtics outscore the Cavs 29-17 in the 3rd quarter. LeBron James had 23 points at halftime but finished with just 35...most of those coming from the free throw line as opposed to made baskets (he was also 0-5 from three point land).

Ray Allen (11 pts) and Glen "Big Baby" Davis (6 pts on 3-4 shooting) both contributed clutch plays down the stretch as it got hairy towards the end of Game 5. In the end, the Boston Celtics pulled it out 96-89 behind some clutch free throw shooting from Headband P.

The Boston Celtics committed 27 personal fouls to Cleveland's 18 leading to a huge free throw discrepancy. Cleveland shot 28-41 from the line while the Celtics shot just 17-23 as Cleveland had a +11 advantage at the line.

The Boston Celtics outrebounded Cleveland (12 offensive) 38 to (7 offensive) 30 and held LeBron to just 3 boards all night. The Celtics racked up 25 assists on 37 made baskets while the Cavaliers only managed 11 on 29 made baskets. LeBron accounted for 5 of them.

Hopefully the Celtics can break the chain and handle business on the road for a change. The Pistons are waiting and Chauncey Billups is all healed up and waiting for Rajon Rondo to twist his ankles and fuck up his hamstring all over again.

Game 6 in Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena 8pm
Friday, May 16th @ 8PM on Comcast Sports Network, TNT/ESPN


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