Thursday, January 24, 2008

Man At Work

As I'm currently exhaustively researching three new blogs simultaneously (I do things like this from time to time) I don't have the time to write and post anything new today. More than likely I'll get some writing tonight and have something brand new up for tomorrow. I promise that it will all be worth it once the finished products finally get published. Expect a new Dartflix next week about the Sundance Film Festival and the passing of Heath Ledger as well as some thought provoking, chin rubbing bloggery (Is that a word? Fuck it, it is now).

I was thinking about it and we need to create some type of Hip Hop blogger's union and force the internet/bloggerverse to take us more seriously. We need to write out our own Wikipedia pages, we need to start putting our shit up on Digg and if you have a blog you should go and claim in on Technorati and pick all of your favorite blogs out...or not. I mean you can all do whatever, I'm just sayin' that it would be cool if we all (read: a fair amount) of us did it to raise our profile/presence in the blogging community.



What It Is said...


Mike Dikk said...

I have tried three separate times to figure out how digg worked nd I just couldn't do it. It's moron-proof or something.

Anonymous said...

was just discussing this the other day. strength in numbers.

Model Minority said...

Blood. Your Blog just bubbles with enthusiasm and irreverence

I am All for the UNIONS.

Get a Union, or Get a Banker or Get Vanilla Vaseline cuz you gettin' screwed.

Unionize the Bloggers.
The College Ball Players.
The Vixens.
The MTV Permalancers...shiiiiit.

Mr. B. said...

here, here...we need our respect; we need our money and groupies! groupies as far as the eye could see. "chin rubbin' bloggery." borat says "niiiice."

Max said...

Makes sense, considering we're all in this bloggery together.

What It Is said...

Yo Dart hit me up @
I need your help with a lil sumthin sumthin. And that Guilty Simpson shit is horrible.

Anonymous said...

union upppppppp.