Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dart's Rant Of The Day: So...Anyone Read Any Good Books Lately?

I have been scouring the internet as well as the vast expanses of the bloggerverse on some Silver (in my case Bronze) Surfer shit trying to find something to post about today but it's been pretty slow lately due to record labels being shook to actually release anyone's albums during the 1st Quarter of 2008. They're scared to death, they shook! I'm basically waiting on someone's (anyone's) album to finally drop (read: leak) so I have some new music to review. No dice, son! Word to Ashy Larry.

As of now, I know Saigon's album is mastered (Thanks for lettin' us know, Just Blaze. Now where the fuck did your blog go?), but when exactly is "The Greatest Story Never Told" gonna drop? Or will it leak and become "The Greatest Story Never Sold"?

I've been to several other blogs and seen the promo video for Pete Rock's new album "NY's Finest" is dropping February 26, 2008. I will not be posting the promo video up here, though. I'm a huge Pete Rock fan seeing as how he's a family friend and all but I'm not much of a joiner.

The other big news is that The Clipse & The Re Up Gang (Ab Liva & Sandman) will be dropping "We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3" with DJ Drama soon. I'll be looking forward to that mixtape most definite.

I haven't heard the new Rhymefest "Man In The Mirror" mixtape because I'm really not checkin' for any of Michael Jackson's material post "Off The Wall"...especially if I have to hear someone rhyme over it (Hey, Fest. How about coming up with an album cover and release date for "El Che"?).

Am I the only one that starts sweating whenever they read one of the alleged song titles for Nas' upcoming "Nigger" album? "Fear (Of A Blackman's Dick)"? I thought it was clearly a fake title..until my brother Buctayla showed me the interview that confirmed that Nas actually did say that. I hope he was being sarcastic and/or facetious. If anyone can pull it off, it'd be Nas but I can't help but wondering where he's going with this one. I get his reasoning behind just addressing the issue head on (like he did with "Hip Hop Is Dead") but...I'm just saying, fam. I'll just wait to hear something like everyone else on the planet, I guess.

Why is Jay Electronica's "Style Wars" EP and the other leaked joints from the now famous AllHip thread on constant rotation in my iPod Nano? What happened to that album he was supposed to leak through his MySpace page? I heard that MySpace had erased his page. I have 16 joints (including "Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)" as one long continuous track that comes in at 15:40) of his and "Hard To Get", "Victory Is In My Clutches", "Dimethyltriptamine", "Bitches And Drugs", "My World", "Something To Hold On To", "Rennaisance Man" and "So What Chu Sayin'" stay on repeat on my iTunes.

I have my first Dartflix movie post in about a month dropping tomorrow and it's gonna be hella big to compensate for me not being able to get one done in December. It'll be trailer city on here so fire up the Google Reader and block out some time, kids!

I'll be back tomorrow with some actual content.



Anonymous said...

Fear of a Blackman's Dick oh man that hilarious or what..I hope one of the songs from the album is called "Your White Bitch Ain't Really Got No Ass (She Just Poked It Out)..that'd be fine..

Anonymous said...

just wrapped up mr untouchable, finishing up a clemente biography, and just delved into the new ethan brown book, snitch.

AaronM said...

Dart, did you peep the new tracks from Jay?
There's a great interview with there too on Gilles Peterson's show.