Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Come On And Catch A Beatdown!

I'm sure some of you readers have seen other blogs report on it but my boy What It Is from Tree Beats is starting up a new beat battle site at I Hook A Beat Up starting Sunday, February 3rd. Basically, a song is provided (from the likes of Mr Mass from Mass Corporation, Dr OK from And It Don’t Stop, DJ Nes from Dirty Waters, or Scholar from Souled On) then several producers will take the song and sample it and flip it the way they want over the next week. The beats are then posted and a panel (including Travis from WYDU, Eric from WTR, Max from Hip Hop Isn’t Dead, Mike Dikk from Dumpin.Net, Andrew from Strictly Beats and King E from the Justus League boards) will discuss what they liked and/or didn’t like and then it goes to a public vote. If you remember the Lawn Jawns, it’s very similar.

The same concept is used on sites like and the list goes on. If you wanna be down with the League Of Extraordinary Hip Hop bloggers then hit up the site and show 'em what cha got a la Just Blaze. As for myself, I'm still in the middle of writing yet another colossal blog and researching a huge project coming up in the near future (February is gonna be crazy over here..believe it!).

So if you gotta crew, betta tell 'em. We can battle in the alley around the corner with a big boombox and maybe later we can all get together and put on a big ass show to save Miracles...We need all the help we can get (and $250, 000)!

I also made a new post regarding the Super Bowl XLII media day and Plaxico Burress attempting to channel Nostradamus on my collaborative NFL blog Armchair Linebacker earlier this morning. Check it out.


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