Tuesday, January 1, 2008

52 Weeks Later AKA 212 Posts In 365 Days

In my very first post on Poisonous Paragraphs last January 1st I wrote out a short mission statement that read like this:

The sole purpose of this blogsite is for me to write about whatever the hell I want to at any time. When I write articles, I usually write about subjects that someone else has suggested for me to speak on...some I usually don't give a goddamn about. I can write about any and all of the things that interest me in the fields of Hip Hop, film, sports, entertainment, etc. The best part is that I don't have to wait for the article to come out, get edited, censored or get printed....as soon as I post the joint and press PUBLISH. There it is for the world to see.

Just a warning for people that go on blogs and don't want to read anything....You're on the wrong damn page, fam. I WRITE...A LOT. Anyone who's had to block out time to read one of my long ass blogs can attest to that. Happy New Year to everybody. One.

After 212 posts (I had two months when I barely posted, one from the first time my G3 Macbook died on me and the other from my 24 day blog hiatus where I actually experienced a feeling I can only describe as withdrawal). Even as a kid I always had a notebook/blackbook/journal where I could get things off my chest. It turns out that as I got older, I had MORE stuff that I needed to express.

Due to the unpredictable nature of this blog I was aware that I wouldn't have any biters and there would be no sites popping up all of the net called things like Phosphorous Phrases or Cyanide Sentences anytime soon. I write about whatever subject I feel like writing about at the time, which has led to some of my favorite posts of the past year and me just doing these big projects out of the blue. This led to me doing blog series' like "Style Master Generals AKA The Originators (The Emcee Edition)", "32/50 Producers On MySpace That You Need To Hear Right Now" and regular segments like Dartflix (where I write about films, make recommendations and post trailers), Revenge Of The 80's (where I write about my favorite things from the 80's), the Boston Sports Report (seriously, what other Hip Hop blogger was gonna do it?), I had my semi regular Poisonous Paragraphs Comic Book Nerd Special Editions and What's New In Dart's iPod (where I review new albums that recently leaked...I mean dropped).

I'm probably the only cat that can write a blog about my "12 Favorite Cult Films Of The Internet Age (1996-)" and write in that same blog that "I could've done 100 easy" just to have a couple heads email me and say that I couldn't. So what does my dumbass do? I make out a list of my 100 favorite cult films post 1996 that night and spend the entire next week posting it all up. Who else does shit like that? I think part of it has to do with my frustration at not being offered any writing gigs outside of one that fell through due to the death of my laptop. I used to have nothing but Hip Hop related publications in my Top 40 on MySpace, by July I had switched it to mostly other bloggers.

It's been a year. A good year but a long one. Am I a writer? Yes. Am I published? I'll say yes because this post will mark the 213th time I've been published (and that's just here!). I've done a few guest blogs here and there as well. I've done so many blogs that I'm really proud of in the past year that I know I never would've had the opportunity to write if I hadn't done what I did. Screw my Technorati Authority number (they miss damn near every time my name gets mentioned in another Hip Hop blog or they provide a link to my blog anyways) and comments (everyone's reading me through Google Reader or an RSS feed anyways!).

 I know from the e-mails and MySpace messages I get periodically and when I see a blog of mine referenced on someone else's posts online or when someone on another website quotes me directly or posts up one of my old blogs that I'm doing the right (write) thing (I know this for a fact because I Google myself often...with advanced search!)

I'm far from being Hank Moody but I can live with that (for now at least). Eventually, someone's gonna come calling (and their publication won't fold later the same week this time) and I'll be able to do what I was put on this Earth to do full time. Thanks to all of my fellow blogging brethren who force me to scrap my original ideas and instead write blogs about things like the failure of the Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine in North America or The Top 50 Songs Of The 80's By Non Hip Hop Artists (Non R&B) That Hip Hop Fans Loved. I'd love to meet some of y'all some day, thank you in person and shake your hands for doing even better work than some of these assholes with their own cubicles and staff jobs.

I'll be back to my regular old posting schedule soon (I don't drink so I'm the only person I know not hung over right now) and I'm already planning what I'll be writing about through March 2008 tonight.

Happy New Year!



Sickamore said...

"Boston Sports Report"

Oh noooow u wanna do this, after all the teams are winning. It's like being a weather man in Paradise

"Today is sunny. Tomorrow is sunny. 5 Day forecast is all sunny"

Dart Adams said...

@ Sick...I've BEEN doing this for a full year and I've been writing about Boston sports online for the last 5 years now. You should've seen my blogs about the Celtics last year...ugly.

Thanks for being one of the people that made it possible for me to blog in the first place.


Anonymous said...


The fact that your site is so varied in what you post is precisely the reason for its stupendousness (word?) and anyone that is familiar with the music blog scene knows that yours is one of the best..where else can you find a post about Hanna Barbera classics next to one highlighting the best new hip-hop? Only at PP..keep it up in'08 man..lookin forward to see what you've got in store for us..

AaronM said...

I just started reading this site on the regular recently and I love it. Keep up the dopeness, Dart.

Anonymous said...

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