Sunday, August 19, 2007

It Was Written AKA The More Emotion I Put Into It, The Harder I Blog

The blog I was going to post here on Thursday I instead sent over to my boy Eric at When They Reminisce. You can read my Top 25 Greatest Beats List there now. I was going to write a blog about my experiences at Fenway Park since I went to the early game of the day/night double header and it was my birthday (the blog was to be entitled "Dart Adams Is 32...And Blogging"). I decided to hold off on writing until the end of the double header (which it looked like the Red Sox were gonna come back and win). Just then, fate intervened in the guise of Eric Gagne (who has cost the Red Sox three wins since he's put on the uniform) and gave up 3 runs in the top of the 9th when he only needed 2 more outs to get the save and secure the win. Instead what happened was that the Red Sox ended up with a 5 game lead over the Yankees again (who had just taken the lead back at the time).

Here's what happened. The Yankees lost the night before, making the lead 5.5 games. The Red Sox won the first game of the doubleheader I went to behind highly touted pitching prospect Clay Buccholz (and Lackey continuing to have horrible luck against the Red Sox) and pushed the lead to 6 before the Sox and Yanks played their night games.Add to that the fact Doug Mirabelli (the specialist that catches Tim Wakefield) ended up on the 15 day DL and that Wily Mo Pena was announced to have been shipped to the Washington Nationals for a player to be named later after the 1st inning was over meant that the Sox were gonna bring up Bobby Kielty from Pawtucket as well as catcher Kevin Cash. Tek was gonna have to catch for 18 innings. Not good.

Provided that the Red Sox are playing the always dangerous Los Angeles-Anaheim Angels, the Sox can't afford to drop games...especially when the Yankees are still somewhat hot and Vladimir Guerrero is on the field. The Sox could've kept the lead at 6 or even pushed it to 7 with a Yankees loss and a Red Sox win. A lot of stuff was going on and after that game was dropped and the Yankees came back to win the led was once again back down to 5 games. I was so pissed off and emotionally drained at the end of that day (that included yet another victorious trip to Fenway) that I wasn't in the right mindframe to write anything...not even a damn shopping list.

Yesterday, I just watched the Yankees/Tigers game (Yankees won) and then the Red Sox/Angels (Red Sox won) while at the same time trying to see if any of those new promos floating around from the Graduation LP had any songs I hadn't heard yet. It turns out they do but they are copy protected so you can upload any of the tracks...pretty sneaky Kanye! I've heard some good things about the track "Homecoming" featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay as well. By now I'm sure everyone has seen the YouTube video from Tim Westwood of the UK's Radio 1 where Kanye West played parts of two songs, "Big Brother" and "Champion" here is the video for those of you that haven't seen it yet:

To top that off, a song featuring Kanye West and Lil' Wayne called "Barry Bonds" had hit the net days's not even supposed to be on the album. The same day this YouTube video hit the net (I caught it on a thread on Okayplayer), a Zshare audio rip of Kanye previewing the T Pain featured "Good Life" hit the net as well. Check out the live performance video here:

It's looking like "Graduation" is going to live up to the lofty expectations myself and other music fans have for it.Well, I'll just get back to watching this Sox game (which isn't going very well right now...Julian Tavarez gave up 2 runs in the 1st inning) and try to write a blog for tomorrow today.


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Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog after reading your comments below my own. We were shitting on somebody. I said to myself when I get a chance I am going to check this guy out just on the strength of your writing. It took a few weeks but you should change this blog to Propane Paragraphs. too much heat on here >> Your viewpoint is amazing. I find this blog extremely refreshing. I wasted my entire day reading your previous posts. (Fuck the market) Obviously many will flock to the GI-Joe post which is flawless btw but the real gem is you distort the surface and really come through in your writing. Please do not give up faith you're a great writer. I'm an asshole my hobby is to distinguish the good from the second-rate, pretentious, sentimental, and boring stuff that saturates culture today and... put it this way I had a sycophant make copies of a few posts.

Hopefully we can chat one day