Monday, August 13, 2007

Dart's Open Letter To Red Sox Nation AKA Don't Panic!

I am in part writing this for myself as well...The Red Sox are currently the possessors of a slim 4 game lead over the surging New York Yankees. The Red Sox have played .500 baseball over the last 10 contests while the Yankees have been on a tear ever since the All Star break. The Red Sox have also had uncharacteristic breakdowns with their bullpen as of late. The highly vaunted free agent signing of Eric Gagne was supposed to cement the Red Sox bullpen and make them unfuckwittable...that hasn't happened as Gagne has failed to pitch a clean inning in a Red Sox uniform in his 6 appearances following his acquisition. The lowly Baltimore Orioles took two out of three from the Sox (save for a gem pitched by Josh Beckett) in dramatic heart wrenching walk off fashion in front of an overwhelming crowd of Red Sox supporters who normally can't get tickets to Fenway Park so they travel to away games to watch their beloved team. This past week and weekend have been a huge disappointment to Sox fans as the lead over the Evil Empire has shrunk from 6 games to 4.

Not only did the Sox leave runners stranded but they blew routine plays in the field, made bonehead base running mistakes (Manny, Lowell I'm looking at you!) and they had meltdown in the bullpen all against the best fielding team in the AL. The Orioles fielder made several key plays that saved runs that would've won each game...add to that they NEVER quit. No matter how far down they were they kept swinging. I just hope they can beat the shit out of the Yankees who play them next while the Red Sox play 3 against the division doormat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

For the rest of this month leading into September, the last 45 games of this season are in the Sox favor. Sure, the worst case scenario is that the Red Sox drop one against the Devil Rays and the Yankees sweep the Orioles and make it a 3 game lead, but remember Red Sox Nation:

1. The Yankees have a tough ass stretch of games starting August 16th where they play 4 games against the Detroit Tigers, then travel to Anaheim to play 3 straight against the Angels, then travel to Detroit to play 4 more after an off day all before flying to Boston to face the Red Sox for 3 pivotal games in Fenway Park.

2. The Red Sox have JUST gone through the hell part of their schedule and during it the Yankees were hot and cut the lead from 8 games to 4 games with 45 games left in the season.

3. The Red Sox have a pretty easy September with mostly home games and a mid month three game series against the Yankees.

4. It's NOT 1977, 1978, 1986, 1999, or's 2007.

5. The Yankees aren't just chasing the Red Sox but Seattle, Anaheim and Detroit. The Red Sox are in front.

So stop watching those tapes of the 1978/1986/2003/2005/2006 seasons to toughen you up for when the disappointment/heartbreak hits (yes, Red Sox fans do's not a stereotype cuz I'm guilty of it as well) and repeats of "The Bronx Is Burning". Keep your heads up, put on your Red Sox gear, go to the pub or your couch or your friend's house with the big TV or to Fenway Park and cheer on the Red Sox. No bitching, moaning, whining, complaining or doomsday prophecies or predictions will be tolerated (cuz ain't none of y'all Nostradamus!). Let's watch Wake continue his dominance of the Devil Rays and cheer on your team as loud as possible.

Oh yeah...Fuck the Yankees! (Sorry, I had to do it)


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Anonymous said...

The Red Sox play the Yankees in New York during that stretch not Boston. The Red Sox are on Tilt and it's just another year to watch them go down the drain....Yankess are 31-10 since June and 23-8 since the All Star break....Come take a ride on the D train and learn to like a real team!!!