Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dart From Boston AKA His Return: Day Six

I’m completely fed up with these bullshit videos from rappers that don’t even care anymore. Apparently, 50 Cent has managed to put out yet another wack video. These new songs of his are pure garbage, he’s just faxing it in every time. Remember the hungry 50 Cent from “G Unit Is The Future”? Remember when you HAD to hear the old G-Unit Radio mixtapes? I do. Back in 2002 he was a phenomenon, an unstoppable force. Now he’s convinced himself that he’s making great music and putting out the videos with earth shattering images thus he’s going to generate monstrous buzz for his new album...the problem is that in reality he’s making lame ass videos for contrived songs with the same lame theme...he’s rich. He gets money. He runs New York. Whatever man.

I watched “Rock The Bells” with my brother Buctayla and my boy Cardi yesterday. We saw concert footage from Supernatural, Eyedea & Abilities (Eyedea grates on my nerves but you cannot front on DJ Abilities), Jurassic 5, and Dilated Peoples. We saw Chang Weisman of Guerilla Nation bust his ass to put on a great Hip Hop show that showcased all of the elements in peace and unity all because he loves Hip Hop. 50 Cent has lost that drive and determination and hunger. He doesn’t love this anymore. It’s a chore for him now. A job. It USED to be fun, he used to enjoy it. Now he has to build a buzz and climb this same “sell more than everyone else” mountain every time he comes out. Just make better music, music that people actually want to hear and not this faxed in crap you’ve been putting out. Sticky Fingaz (R.I.P. X-1) once said he’ll rip his heart out his chest and put it right into a rhyme. Where’s 50’s love at? For him, love does not ring a bell.

Record labels are all jockeying for position to release a big album on the “right” day. Meanwhile, ain’t shit coming out from major labels. Last year, I’d see weekly Soundscan threads everywhere. Not anymore since these labels are too shook to even put out albums by well known artists. If it wasn’t for Nature Sounds, Babygrande, Stones Throw, Duck Down, Rawkus, Def Jux, Koch and a bunch of other indie labels I’d have no new quality Hip Hop to listen to. It’s bad enough that cats like Buff1 of the Athletic Mic League and Blu & Exile released these great album and there are NO videos for these releases anywhere. I decided to post some of my favorite videos and clips as counter programming against the bullshit we’re being fed. We’re all living in the film “They Live” and below are your pair of sunglasses.

The zeros and ones made the words in Dart’s blog.

Sean Price-One

Rugged Intellect f/Ras Kass-Next Dose

Hezekiah f/Bilal-Looking Up

Blue Scholars-Back Home

J. Medeiros-Constance

Strange Fruit Project f/Erykah Badu-Get Live

Camp Lo- How U Walkin’

Gym Class Heroes-Shoot Down The Stars


Lupe Fiasco-He Say, She Say

Far East Movement-Smile

Planet Asia-Havin’ Thangs

Dilated Peoples-The Release Party

Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass Promo

Snowgoons f/Reef The Lost Cauze-Never

Dizzee Rascal-Sirens

Kano f/Craig David-This Is The Girl

Blu & Exile Live @ Boombox in Los Angeles

These clips from Buff 1’s album release party come courtesy of my boy Rideout from the “D”:

Buff 1-For You (Live)

Buff1-Pretty Baby (Live)

Buff 1-Big Thangs (Live)

They Slept So Hard On ‘Em:

Royce Da 5’9” f/Cee Lo Green-Politics

Sav Killz f/Planet Asia-Champion Rap

Sphere Of Influence f/Jin-Yo Yo Ma

Zeebra-Street Dreams

Zeebra-Top Of The World

Aquarius f/Dabo & S Word-Here In Tokyo

K-Os-The Seekwill

Obie Trice-Cry Now

Roc C f/Aloe Blacc-My Life


RipShop-A Better Day



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Ras Kass video. Him, Mega, and Nas are my top three. I thought it was ridiculous that his name was spelled wrong in the video. I never would have heard from Rugged Intellect without the Ras Kass cameo and they couldn't bother checking to make sure that they spelled his name right? At least Rugged Intellect had the good sense to murder his verses.

Derek "Kas" Kastal said...

Word. Good shit fam. Appreciate you putting that Sav video up, thats love. You know your like the only blog I fuck with, see, I linked you without you even telling me too haha. Was bored one night, so I figured I'd enter into the blog world. So, here I am.