Monday, August 10, 2009

Dart's Rant Of The Day: It's All Fucked Up Now! © Diddy

In regards to the Raekwon/Joe Budden incident let me just say that we didn't need that. Let the music speak for itself...we're all grown men here that want to go on tours and do deals with people and companies/corporations with money. Slapping fools around as they Ustream while you tape it and fighting backstage during shows you've been paid to perform at that fans paid their hard earned money to see you perform at is DEAD. This isn't what's hot in the streets. It isn't good publicity, either. In this age of AutoTuned tight pants singers that claim they're rappers and rappers that seem to be more influenced by Stephin Fetchit and Mantan Moreland than legendary lyricists we can't allow this kinda shit to go down right now.

Joe Budden has the upcoming "Slaughterhouse" project and his Amalgam Digital project "Escape Route" on deck. He doesn't need buzz like this. All he needs to do is focus on making guality music and get away from controversy not related directly to his musical output. This extracurricular shit will eventually begin to overshadow your talent much like it already does with The Game and Charles Hamilton. Please, Joey...cut the shit the out. You don't see Royce, Crooked & Joell getting into shit all the time, do you? No.

As far as Raekwon goes? The shit was unnecessary, B. Method Man and Joe Budden had already squashed their beef and you caught on to the whole shit late. It's a month until "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2" drops, an album that the general Hip Hop buying public has been looking forward to for the past 4 years. All anyone needs right now is to hear the album and get confirmation that the long wait has been worth it. No need to step to people over old beefs. No need to do anything that distracts people or fans from what's important, the finished product. The music. Hopefully, nothing else stupid happens before these albums drop that puts yet another black eye on the game...or anyone else for that matter.


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