Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dart Adams presents Analog To Digital: Drayonis' "The Dog Years"

We all know that the medium of comic books and graphic novels like most other print medium is slowly going online. That fact really hit home this Summer when I started reading comic books from my laptop and my PS3. There are a couple places that have embraced the medium of digital comic books for quite a while. Zuda Comics which is an interactive site that serves as DC's online comics wing. Not only that but it's the first place I ever saw the graphic novel Bayou via Okayplayer. Marvel's digital comic selection is quite impressive as well but I'm talking about an indie comic book written & drawn by Drayonis called "The Dog Years"

The comic book follows the lives of an engaged couple Trey & Jalissa that break up right after it's revealed that Trey cheated with a girl at work and what happens to their relationship afterwards. It goes deep into the nature of romantic and intrapersonal relationships with friends and how they can affect your relationships with your significant other. Not only that but the issues and well drawn and written. There is some genuinely funny shit going on in each issue. "The Dog Years" touches on all aspects of life from college, work, life in general, the single life, committed relationships and everything else inbetween.

You want substance along with your humor? Drayonis got that covered. You crave a lil' ignant shit tossed in with your jewels? Drayonis got you, fam! The thing about "The Dog Years" is that it not only impresses fans of the comic book medium but I've showed it people that don't give a goodamn about comic books (I do know people that fall into this category) and they are hooked on "The Dog Years" and can't wait to see what happens next with Trey & Jalissa's relationship or if Rasheed gets to finally finish the rider video he's been trying to make. The series has been ongoing for years and every time a new issue is uploaded it's like a holiday online.

If you somehow managed to avoid reading "The Dog Years" before then rectify that situation soon. Not only are gems about life dropped and the art is great but it's type funny on some "The Boondocks" social commentary type steez. Lord knows we miss that with Aaron McGruder strictly producing "The Boondocks" cartoon now and Dave Chapelle living the quiet life on a ranch in Ohio right now. Make it a point to support my boy Drayonis so he can continue to do his thing for years to come and get a trade paperback printed up one day for "The Dog Years". Let homie know I sent you.


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