Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dart Adams presents Diggin' In The Digital Crates: The Hip Hop Documentary Edition

I was going through my data CD's and DVD's from the past 4 years as well as all my old external hard drives and at first I found my promo copy of the 2005 documentary "Tragedy: The Story Of Queensbridge". Since I was on Twitter, I asked my followers if they wanted me to upload it and they all said yes so I did. I spread around the Twitterverse pretty quickly and I remembered that I had an old Pete Rock documentary from his "Soul Survivor" sessions on my old HD originating from my brothers old iMac he was using in 2005. It was still in it's old RealPlayer (.RAM) format and it reminded me of back when I still used to download stuff from LimeWire and my brother and I were some of the few people my friends knew with high speed internet.

I used to barter rare audio and video with people on in The Bootleg section back when it was restricted to users with 300 posts and I still have a bunch of this stuff in dusty ass jewel cases that are stored in places I haven't dared go in years due to the fact that this thing called flash drives exist so why burn CD's or DVD's anymore? Here are two rare Hip Hop documentaries from my HD's, they may be making the rounds in the bloggerverse now but it all originated from me doing some spring cleaning this past weekend. Here goes:

Pete Rock/Soul Brother Soul Survivor documentary (1999) MP4 format

Tragedy: The Story Of Queensbridge (2005) MPEG

You're all welcome.



Ivan said...

Why does it look as if Soulbrotha is about to whip it out.

M said...

props over here fam


Aaron said...

Dope. I had that Tragedy doc & was all ready to (finally) watch it & it was nowhere on my hd lol. I'm gonna grab it now.