Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dart Adams presents Plaxico Buress' iPod Playlist

Plaxico Burress was on top of the world in February 2008. He had just made the game winning touchdown catch in a Super Bowl where he predicted that the Giants would beat the then 18-0 New England Patriots. He received a brand new contract that paid him a shitload of money and he was poised to be a hero in New York for the rest of his days. No way to fuck this situation up, right? Wrong!

Plaxico has been a problem since the season first began. He's been suspended for violating team rules and general insuburdination several times in the past up to this very season. When he's been on the field, he's been up and down and this past holiday weekend he decided to go to the club rockin' sweatpants with a tucked in Glock (which has no safety!) in the waistband (?). Upon entering the club, the gun slipped and he tried to catch it. In doing so, the gun accidentally went off and shot him through the thigh. This shit just writes itself!

Plaxico was already an annoyance to the New York Giant and his absence didn't affect the team in the three games they played without him (they scored 104 points!). He's going to be suspended for the rest of the season and they'll probably void out his new contract which will cost him just under $30 million dollars. He's also facing possible jail time. For your reading pleasure I present Plaxico Burress' iPod playlist based on his current situation. Enjoy:

Who Shot Ya?-Notorious B.I.G.
Pop The Glock-Uffie
Lick A Shot-Cypress Hill
All Glocks Down-Heather B.
You Got Shot-Prince Paul f/Breezly Brewin & Sha
(Good Thing We Brought) The Glock-Wu Tang Clan
Sure Shot-Beastie Boys
Hand On The Glock-Cypress Hill
In The Club-50 Cent
Pass The Glock-Terror Squad
Lickshot-Grand Puba
Bullet Through Me-C.R.A.C. Knuckles f/Shawn Jackson
The Glock-Lil' Vicious
Hey Man, Nice Shot-Filter
Who Got The Glock?-Black Czer
One Shot Chilla-Aswad
2 Glock 9's-T.I.P.
Glock 18-Mr. Slash
Shotz To Tha Double Glock-Bone Thugs N' Harmony
Party & Bullshit-Notorious B.I.G.
Glocko Pop-RZA
Sweatpants-DJ Insight
Shooter-Lil' Wayne f/Robin Thicke
Willie On Glock-Don Scavone
Glock Fear-Lyptikal & DJ Ruffneck
Verbal Glock-Da Youngstas
I Shot Ya-LL Cool J



Anonymous said...

While, he isnt a poster for living the good life, he is somewhat aspiring for turning himself in. Not the best role model. You know who else would be a good role model? Diddy. Check out his new fragrance, I AM KING available only at Macy's. And while you're surfing the web, check out his new video promoting I AM KING...

Dart Adams said...

@ Anonymous:

Fuck you. Don't shill on my blog. Thanks for commenting on it at least so I'll keep your comment up.

You asshat.


Truth About It said...

Might I add:

8 Ball & MJG - Shots Off ft. Ludacris

Hot Boys - 50 Shots Set's It off

Redman - Lick A Shot

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Pop Shots

Cee-Lo - Glockappella

The Roots - Guns Are Drawn

Notorious B.I.G. - Machine Gun Funk

Capone-n-Noreaga - Gunz In Da Air

Onyx - Throw Ya Gunz

Saigon - Bust Yo Gunz

Dr. Dre - A N*igga Witta Gun

Truth About It said...

Oh yea....Diddy is a bitch.

Dioracat said...

I did a VERY short post on Plaxico Burress too, so I'll add my song to your list. Hail Mary, the DJ Green Lantern release, but only Busta Rhymes's verse.


Dioracat said...

Also, let it be said that homies is more scared of Johnny Law than down for their people, because I read on the news this AM that Pierce is testifying against him,

But Burress, good lookin' out on marrying a lawyer.

AGD8402 said...

Yo Dart,

You forgot one:

50 Cent - My Gun Go Off


Dope Blog. Please keep up the good work.

John Q said...

Funny Post. This ish does write itself. Too Bad it really is sad to see his fall from grace so quick (LT (Crazy One) thinks he's needs yo shape (7-)Up).