Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Amending Discogs 2 AKA What Do You Mean I Need More Information?

I found out that none of the albums I tried to add at Discogs were even accepted as submissions...I now understand why so many albums have their information missing on that database, it takes too much to just input a release so that people won't think their crazy when looking for information on projects that were dropped that few heads know about. I was recently trying to put up some info on some breakbeat projects but I had the same damn issues with Discogs...I said screw it and gave up trying to add projects on that site because it's just too much of a pain in the ass.

My boy Dr. OK over at And It Don’t Stop blessed all of us cats who frequent the vast expanses of the Bloggerverse with 2 volumes of samples used by the world famous Beatnuts (I’m a huge Beatnuts fanatic) called The Beatnuts Collection by Strictly Breaks. I was inspired by this selfless act of generosity to in turn share with you readers and Hip Hop fans my copy of Pete Treats, a selection of 28 tracks that Pete Rock has sampled over the years and used in his classic productions. I want to go a step further and remove what sample came from from song so you LISTEN to this exquisite music and recognize the genius of the musicanship and the melodies. Every horn blast, drum fill, guitar lick, bass line or sung lyric will mean more to you than just something to sample or make beats out of...this is the music that used to play in my mother’s house on the record player. These are the records that my father told my not to touch (just so he could catch me reading the record sleeve's liner notes 15 minutes later). Respect the true architects of the culture we call Hip Hop. I present to you all, the Strictly Breaks release Pete Treats:

Strictly Breaks -Pete Treats (1999)

1. On The Move - The Impressions
2. Turtle Walk- Lou Donaldson
3. From This Day On - Eddie Bo
4. Instant Groove - King Curtis
5. We've Only Just Begun- O'Donnell Levy
6. You're The Fool - The Three Degrees
7. The Rill Thing- Little Richard
8. Ghettos Of The Mind - Bama
9. Gimme Some - Freddie McCoy
10. What's Going On - The Ohio Players
11. Bootleggin' - Simtec Wylie
12. Heighty Ho - Mongo Santamaria
13. Our Generation - Ernie Hines
14. Chocolate Buttermilk- Kool & The Gang
15. Bubble Gum- The 9th Creation
16. Music Talk - Georgie Fame
17. Freedom Dance - Eugene McDaniels
18. Cameo- Eddy Senay
19. Today- Tom Scott
20. Where Do I Go- Alyn Ainsworth
21. Don't Change Your Love- The Five Stairsteps
22. Expo 83- Back Yard Heavies
23. Party Time - Gentlemen & Ladies
24. Capricorn - Cannonball Adderly
25. Ain't Got The Love - The Ambassadors
26. Groovy Situation - Mel & Tim
27. I Got Soull- Bama
28. Soul Girl - Judy Foster

Pete Treats



Anonymous said...

MUCH appreciated!! Thank you.

Full Point Crew

Unknown said...

word up Dart, I am over submitting to Discogs as well.

They need to fix that bullshit up, I get mail sent to me saying should say 12" from a mod...why can't that mod do it?, if he has enough time to send me that e-mail notification then surely he must have time to change a little thing.

It should be a user friendly database but it's not, a lot of info is incorrect and a lot of releases are missing.

I submitted Greyson and Jasun's album over a month and it's still hasn't been accpeted.

The Pete's Treats is so ill, when I first got that it, I was like oh...and other times...ahh yeah I knew that one...dope album.


Anonymous said...

discogs won't even let me leave a comment- not a submission. comments got rules, too, and mine got rejected. it's a fucking comment. i didn't use html. no emails. no ads. no cursing. just a fucking comment on someone's submission.