Monday, June 4, 2007

Amending Discogs AKA This Album DOES Exist

I was checking out Sir Menelik AKA Scaramanga's Discogs entry and he has quite a few releases missing so I decided to add them all one by one. After I entered all the information available, I was pretty much told that I had to do more than that to prove the release really existed. There was no catalog number, no solid date of release could be nailed down and it was only available through Sandbox Automatic. The other thing about is that features the only recorded appearance of yet another alter ego, Jabbar El.

*EDIT: It turns out that Discogs refused my entry because I had to many categories missing and because everyone I put in the credits weren't in their databses previously as "known" producers. It was hosted by Don Diva CEO Cavario and is a joint release by Sun Large Communications (not music as Discogs lists it and FORCES you to change the entry) and Stereotype Music (which has no previous entries). The album consists of 9 tracks and 6 songs produced by 3 producers with no previous Discogs credits.

Here are the CD credits for anyone who's curious (and didn't either buy it for Sandbox Automatic since 2002 or get it for free with orders of "Snake Eyes" or "Cobra Commander" back in 2005 (I personally had 3 of 'em before I gave one away so I don't know why it isn't listed...probably for these very same reasons I've listed above.)

Here is the full tracklisting:

1. Scaramanga Intro 1:41
2. Beast Klipz 3:27
3. Fiendish 3:22
4. Realism 3:32
5. Jabbar El Intro 1:51
6. It's Nothin 3:32
7. NBA 4:05
8. Makin It Happen 4:10
9. Outro 1:27

Tracks 2, 3 & 4 (Beast Klipz, Fiendish & Realism) were produced by Denson Rosser Jr.
Tracks 6 & 7 (It's Nothin & NBA) were produced by Ali Vann
Track 8 (Makin It Happen) was produced by Ryan Mizuno

Tracks 2, 3 & 4 are Scaramanga joints and tracks 6, 7 & 8 are Jabbar El, an even more thugged out version of Scaramanga. All songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at Stereotype Media Studios, Harlem NYC for Star Of The Empire (ASCAP) and Code 10 Publishing (ASCAP). There are no catalog numbers anywhere but there is a UPC/SKU barcode number that I'll use the next time I try to input it.

Here it is for your listening and viewing pleasure (and proof of existence so it'll be listed on Discogs now), Don Diva presents Scaramanga/Jabbar El nine track split EP:

Don Diva presents Scaramanga/Jabbar El EP (2002)

Another thing, to all of you Red Sox fans out there whining because the Red Sox lost 2 out of 3 to the Yankees this past weekend (including the heartbreaker last night), stop the blooclaat crying.The whole purpose was to keep them from sweeping. They gained ONE GAME in the You're all aware that all that has to happen is the Sox win tonight in Oakland and the Yankees lose tonight in Chicago and the lead will go right back to 13.5 games, right? Besides, what are the Orioles doing? Forgot about them? So what Okajima gave up a run, home many has he given up all year? So what Papelbon gave up a HR on a fastball! Did you forget that he was pitching to Alex Rodriguez or something? The Red Sox are 37-18 1/3rd of the way through the season. There are 107 more games to play and it's nowhere near being over. I can't believe that people are acting up already...It's the first week of June! The NBA Finals haven't even started yet for God's sake! You know how long it'll be before the MLB All Star Game even happens?

I'm also well aware that Schilling, Wakefield, and Dice K haven't had great outings lately and J.D.Drew is in a slump and David "Big Papi" Ortiz is noticeably injured (if he could've got his lower body into that last swing it would've been gone) but damn...You can't pitch a gem every night! Didn't I tell y'all about ol' Roger a few blogs ago? "Fatigued groin" my ass, Clemens! I'm gonna look around in my crates for some albums to upload for tomorrow. One.


Unknown said...

i got this album free from sandbox when i copped snake eyes...or was it cobra commander? i get those two mixed up

What It Is said...

Yo your site is dope man. Plus you make us beantown heads look smart and stuff. Pace!

Anonymous said...

That play when Mike Lowell used his thigh to damn-near rip off Dough Minkweroihakjdhz's head was like watching Lawrence Taylor destroy a QB from the blind side.

And that was a few innings after Lowell hardbodied the sh*t outta Robinson Cano and his purple lips to break up the double play.

Mike Lowell is the Sean Price of the Red Sox--gully as shit.

Animal Mother said...

Great post! My girl is a Red Sox fan and we BOTH hate Clemens. If there's any justice in the world, his juice fortified arm will come out of the socket on his first pitch.

Dart Adams said...

I just made an amendment to this post...good lookin' out to evryone who comes back and reads this blog (even though according to Technorati I'm sinking down in the rankings (?) like a damn stone. One.

Aaron said...

thanks for the comments over at my blog. believe me, im already on top of yours. i never tried to add anything to discogs so i didnt know it was such a hassle. maybe thats why some of those entries are so screwy? funny they wont take your entry but they'll clutter the site with 7 or 8 foreign pressings that are identical to the US version

miz said...
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kdoubleol said...
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kdoubleol said...
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kdoubleol said...

can u please reup the Don Diva presents...Scaramanga album.thanks

Anonymous said...

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