Friday, May 25, 2007

The Same Ol' Rebellion With A Different Name AKA A Bostonian Sneaker Fiends Dream

I often visit the different drops that bloggers make showcasing new custom kicks, but most of the time I can't really get into them because I, like so many other Bostonians only rock Adidas. You may be thinking to yourself, how the hell can a whole city adopt a sneaker brand? Hey, I didn't start the shit...I merely adopted the custom myself when I became of age. While not everyone in Boston subscribes to it, there is NO doubt that Boston is an Adidas town...ask anyone who lives there or is from there if you think I'm exaggerating. They even admit to it in the local Hip Zepi stores (ad above), continuing the tradition started by my old (now defunct) South End sneaker spot, Harry The Greeks (keep in mind that it was also a custom to smack Yankees caps off of people's heads in public back in the days..that was before everybody started carrying guns, though).

Recently, Adidas launched a line of custom kicks (Celtics Superstars seen above) for each NBA team (after the Adidas/AG Salomon Group bought Reebok, they allowed Reebok to outfit the NFL but took over as the official apparel maker/supplier of the NBA) and later on a custom line of kicks designed by well known graf artists from all over the world called "End To End" (as shown below the Celtics kicks). While they're both nice, they don't even come close to the creations made by the heads over at Rebellion Customs (formerly known as the Dassler Rebellion). They've made custom joints for some of your favorite artists as well as everyday folks. They usually customize the classic Stan Smiths and Rod Lavers, but they're extremely versatile and keep on coming up with type ill designs that fuck your head up every time. Check out some examples here (all pictures courtesy of Dassler Rebellion/Rebellion Customs):

JDilla customs by Dassler Rebellion/Rebellion Customs

Nas exclusives by Dassler Rebellion/Rebellion Customs

Marvin Gaye Version 3 and Trashy To Classy (Oscar & Grungetta The Grouch) customs by Rebellion Customs For more information about Rebellion Customs or availability and pricing please visit the following sites:

If you're looking for some ill Adidas to rock this summer check out the following spots:

For any other spots, just use Google or Yahoo. One.

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