Tuesday, May 29, 2007

100 Posts Later...

I'm currently working on a big post entitled "The Last Days Of The Record Store" about my experiences working in record stores focusing on my time spent managing a Tower Records/Video from 1998-1999. Tower Records was owned by MTS Inc., the same company that owned Tweeter (we got a 15% discount at Tweeter as well as a 30% at Tower stores). The box stores were becoming dinosaurs as the specialized stores, internet and several other factors eventually contributed to the demise of Tower Records. Eventually, in Boston not only would the Tower Records store be history, but so would the HMV Records, Strawberries, and the Virgin Megastore that also replaced the Tower Records at 360 Newbury St. (It's going to be a Best Buy next). I'll try to get this done by tomorrow and post it for all of you that have been waiting for me to finish it.

Rest In Eternal Peace, Marquise Hill #91 of the LSU Tigers and New England Patriots.


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