Monday, May 25, 2009

Dart Adams presents The Marvel Guide To The Hip Hop Universe (Part One)

My dude Dallas Penn did a comic book drop with Hip Hop groups in it a few days back and I decided to piggyback it and do my own version. Since Dallas based his on the works on one of the GOAT's of the comic book industry I decided to keep my theme at Marvel Comics and Hip Hop groups. If I don't limit myself this jawn will possibly go on forever so I'll stop short, do another part and add on to it later on. Enough already, let's go in:

Dart Adams presents The Marvel Guide To The Hip Hop Universe (Part One):

Lessondary (Tanya Morgan (Donwill, Ilyas & Von Pea), Che Grand, Aeon, Elucid, Jermiside, Aeon, Suhburb, Spec Boogie, etc.) as The Crew

I'm pretty sure that anyone that regularly reads this blog knows that I'm as close to a Lessondary Crew stan as you can get without taking my fandom too goddamn far (although based on some people's reactions to my insistance on having Che Grand's "Everything's Good Ugly" so high on my anticipated albums list and my overly positive review of "Brooklynati" I already have taken my fandom too goddamn far). The bottom line is as a collective they've made nothing but heat for the past three plus years. Whether it be mixtapes, free albums, EP's or LP's from anyone of the crew they've never failed to hit the mark so my praises are justified. Wait until Donwill drops "Don Cusack in High Fidelity"...the sleepers will awaken.

Random Axe (Black Milk, Sean Price, & Guilty Simpson) as Team X

These muthafuckas are going to completely destroy shit near the end of the year when the Random Axe project is 100% finished. Production will be handled entirely by Detroit own's Black Milk with Sean Price and Guilty Simpson also trading bars with the talented beatmaker as well. This album could very well be sonic destruction in it's highest form. An audio Apocalypse, if you will. I can't fathom how ridiculous this jawn will turn out to be with Hex Murda on executive production duty. It's gonna be sick!

Chaundon, Skyzoo, Donny Goines, Outasight, Print, Fresh Daily, Danny Brown & Vandalyzm as The New Warriors

These young emcees are all going to make some serious noise in the Hip Hop game in 2009, bank on it. All of them have new projects that heads are eager to hear and they have a variety of skills and talents that will appeal to a wide audience and a cross section of music and Hip Hop fans alike. If you might be unfamiliar with any of these names feel free to use that Google bar to the right of this page and fully experience the wonder that is the Information Age. You won't be disappointed in the least. Trust me!

Pac Div, U-N-I, Blu, Shawn Jackson, TiRon, Fashawn & Jay Rock as The Champions Of Los Angeles

Based off of Pac Div's previous material (including their 3 song EP), Blu's back catalog (download his "Her Favorite Colour" mixtape), Shawn Jackson's remarkable 2008 ("First Of All.." & New Jack Hustle "Soundcheck"), TiRon's "Ketchup" mixtape, Fashawn's upcoming project and Jay Rock's recent output (including his new "Gudda Muzik" mixtape) it wasn't a tough choice as to whom I was going to pick as the young Hip Hop champions of Los Angeles. The future of West Coast Hip Hop is in more than capable hands.

Marco Polo & Torae as Power Man & Iron Fist

I was playing the Double Barrel album and making the stinkface when it hit me that these dudes were about to drop yet another monster underground Hip Hop LP on the masses that's well worth your hard earned money. Provided that we're in a recession right now people are even more hesitant to dig into their pockets to cop new music but trust me...this jawn BANGS! Torae spits lava over some of beatsmith Marco Polo's top shelf production. My official review will go up on Friday afternoon but I'm not exaggerating when I saw this is one of the best releases of the year so far. Be prepared to cop it on June 2nd!

Dart Adams presents The Marvel Guide To The Hip Hop Universe (Part Two) coming soon!



hugh said...

Good stuff Dart. One question though, you sure Hex is gonna be exec. producer of that Random Axe joint? I figured it would be Buckshot and Dru Ha since they are signed to Duck Down.

Dart Adams said...

@ hugh:

I communicate with Hex Murda daily via Twitter. He was executive producing that project WAY before it was officially a Duck Down release. He also executive produced "Caltroit" and "Tronic" as well don't forget.


Dallas Penn said...

Good shit Dart. I have been holding the Brooklynati album on my hard drive for a minute. Time for me to unzip that joint and go in.