Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Coming Soon...

Dart Adams presents A Tale Of Ten Trailers 3 AKA Ya Boy Is Back At It
Dart's Top 50 G.O.A.T Hip Hop Producers List
Dart Adams presents Rapper/Actor: Hollywood's Hip Hop History Examined
Dart Adams presents Journey Into Mystery: The Sprite Curse
Dart's Rant Of The Day: NBA All Star Weekend Through The Years
Dart Adams presents Black Like Me: A History Of Black Comic Book Heroes Through The Ages

I'm researching/compiling/planning them all as I type this. I'll put up some brand new shit tomorrow.



Spaiseone... said...

Really looking forward to your black superheroes list. Hope you throw some Milestone comics in there, (Icon, Hardware, etc.) Its weird how that entire aspect of the industry is practically non existent. I went to a comic shop a few weeks ago and asked several of the workers if they ever heard about it and they went blank. Whatever.

Keep up the good shyt Dart

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it man.

Anonymous said...

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Mike Evans said...

"Dart Adams presents Black Like Me: A History Of Black Comic Book Heroes Through The Ages"

cool, this is gonna be interesting..

Blaine Clay said...

Cool, I was never into comic books as a chap but am interested in learning about the ones who exist.