Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Joints That Only I Have AKA My Crates Weigh A Ton (Re-Up From January)

Today I offer my readers three more joints that no one else has, Presage-Outer Perimeter, The Controls-One Hundred and Charmain Mao & Citizen Kane’s Selects 001. These three selections are all worthy downloads but they’re in three different genres of hip hop. The first upload is a turntablism album, the second is hip hop beats with a vocalist, turntablist and an emcee guesting on a couple of joints and the third is a straight up rare grooves Soul/R&B compilation. Now, on to the write up.

Presage is composed of the legendary turntablist Mr. Dibbs and DJ Jel of the DJ crew 1200 Hobos. This album was made with the San Francisco hip hop label The Future Primitive Sound (I will up some of the famous but hard to find Future Primitive Sound Sessions at a later date). This album is basically 13 tracks beatjuggling and rhythmic scratch routines made to records, soundbites and audio about Freemasons, The Illuminati, secret societies, The New World Order, trilaterism and many other conspiracy theories while ill ass beats are playing in the background. Trust me, the shit’s dope. Not only will you get your head nod on, but you’ll learn something (Is that possible? Can hip hop actually teach you stuff? Say word!).

This next CD is along the lines of a Portishead meets Groove Theory type of vibe. This album is so dope I’m surprised more people don’t know about it. The Controls is a group consisting of a producer, Dub-L and a vocalist/lyricist, Ann Colville. I ran across this album back in early 1999 while I was managing at the Tower Records/Video at 360 Newbury Street in Boston directly across the street from the legendary Biscuithead Records (neither record store exists today). My boy Shaka used to come into work with a MiniDisc player that had Thirstin Howl The 3rd’s “Polorican” album and a demo from some kid named Aesop Rock labeled “Appleseed Plus”.

He let me hear it on my lunch break and two of the songs sounded completely different than the others. They had scratching and a female vocalist and the production was way more musical. I asked Shaka who produced those tracks, he told me that this kid named Dub-L did them and the album they were from would drop soon. A week later, Shaka brought me this very CD (Shaka is Sha Self of SunMoon Productions and the owner of Achilles) and told me that the two songs that kid Aesop Rock was on came from this CD and the rest were his demo “Appleseed” (named after the anime of the same name...nerd. LOL.) that he was shopping to indie labels. If I could’ve seen the future...I like this entire project, especially “Shere Khan” f/Aesop Rock, “Coward Of The Year”, “You’ll Hide” and “Home Again” f/Aesop Rock. The instrumental tracks “100” and “New York City 1999” are fly as well. Scratches are provided by Cold Cutz Crew member (and Dub-L collaborator with Ground Original) DJ JS One. Download it and rock to it.

The final selection I’ve uploaded for my peoples is the elusive as hell compilation Selects 001 mixed by Chairman Mao (of Ego Trip) and Citizen Kane (not to be confused with the Canadian rapper of the same name, this one ran A-1 Records). This compilation was released in limited numbers back in 2001 and I copped mine from Sandbox Automatic (I couldn’t find it anywhere else). Since then, it has gone out of print and people have been looking for it...especially now that Chairman Mao and the other Ego Trip heads have MySpace’s now and The White Rapper Show has the internet going nuts (No Paul Wall) the way, a White Rapper Show piece IS coming for those of you that have e-mailed me about it. This CD contains 28 rare grooves, smooth soul, classic R&B and a Japanese soul song called “Dancer” that I’d never heard before (that shit was on repeat for a minute when I first rocked it!). Download it and enjoy.

For full tracklistings or more information about the above downloads go to or do a Google search. All uploads are MediaFire Zip files. Enjoy ‘em:

Presage (Mr. Dibbs, DJ Jel & MC Dose of 1200 Hobos)-Outer Perimeter (1998)

The Controls (Aesop Rock’s 1st verses on wax)-One Hundred (1999)

Selects 001-Compiled and mixed by Chairman Mao (Ego Trip) & Citizen Kane (2001)

(You may have seen these CD's around the net and on other blogs but I was the first person to ever post them all up)


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