Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Random Uploads To Let Folks Know I'm Still Alive...

I'm having serious computer issues that will hopefully be resolved soon. Due to me not having my own personal computer, I'm forced to type from one of the Mac G5's we use for making beats and recording. This also means I don't have time to write the detailed blogs that I'm known for, which sucks tremendously. Right now I have a keyboard on top of my brothers MPC2000XL typing away furiously while he plays NCAA Football o7 behind me. I'm upping two random samplers that I got with some purchases that I made from Sandbox years ago and two mixtapes I received from some of my peoples from the Boston hip hop scene.

The two extras are MM...More Food (that I got as a bonus with MF Doom's Rhymesayers release MM...Food) which featured remixes and some Rodan joints and instrumentals produced by Doom himself. The other joint is Stealth Magazine's Sampler 02 that was a bonus disc that I got from the Australian hip hop magazine that I ordered because it had a huge spread on Boston's burgeoning underground hip hop scene called "Boogie Down Boston". The bonus disc features some Australian artists as well as Grand Agent, DJ Cheapshot and Boston's own Reks and Lucky Dice from their Brick Records years (the issue was printed in 2001).

I also have two mixtapes from 2005 made by my people over at Beanstock Records (Mr. Shoosh and Keet) and an ill group from the Boston area consisting of producer Max Powers and emcee Black El, Head Turners. Don't sleep on either. The heads at Beanstock Records are extended family of ours and I first encountered the Head Turners while talking about hip hop on my old overnight job and Max Powers hit me off with this very mixtape. The big joint that got people open was their collabo with Sean Price "Verbal Fisticuffs" (which is on the mixtape) appropriately named "The Boston Fire Mixtape". Beanstock's mixtape is called "Things To Do...2" after the original "Things To Do..." mixtape (which was a warmup to the "Things To Do In Dorchester When You're Dead" project). Either way you can't go wrong...Now I'm gonna go handle some business so hopefully I can get back to writing and blogging soon. In the meanwhile, check the Beanstock Records roster and the Head Turners out here:

Beanstock Records (Mr. Shoosh & Keet)

Head Turners (Max Powers & Black El)

Now check out my uploads here:

Stealth Magazine Sampler 02 (2001)

MM...More Food Promo (2005)

Beanstock Records presents Things To Do...2 (2005)

Head Turners-Boston Fire Mixtape (2005)


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Just-Ice said...

I have that MF Doom bonus also. In fact, I have an album titled, "MM...Leftovers" circa 2004. Ever hear it?