Monday, May 11, 2009

Dart Adams presents The "Real" 50 "Hottest" Rap Blogs List

If you'll notice in the subject line of this blog you'll see the words "real" and "hottest" are in quotations because let's face it, no list is perfect. That's why it makes sense to get the most knowledgeable person (or people) possible about a certain subject in order to make said lists. I'm convinced that whomever the fuck compiled the original Vibe list that heads are in uproar over doesn't really delve very deep into the bloggerverse past it's surface. That being said, I 've been immersed in it since about 2005 when it really popped off and I have about 200 + blogs I check regularly (some have since gone the way of the dinosaur). Also what constitutes a "hot" blog or even a "Rap" blog is up for debate (who am I kidding?...what even constitutes a "blog" is up for debate as well),

It's like Joe Budden said in his rant about the old rapper brackets (?), we don't know what the writer(s) said qualifications are for tackling certain subjects therefore we as readers or passionate fans can just dismiss lists/findings altogether as bullshit since the creator(s) clearly didn't know what the hell they were doing in the first place. That being said, I went and put together a list of the most used/visited/popular/respected Hip Hop or music related sites in the bloggerverse. There are "certain sites" you won't see on this particular list (read: ones that offer artist's albums for free download). Those of you that know me or are regular readers of Poisonous Paragraphs are well aware this list isn't gonna stop at just 50 blogs, right? By the way, one of the stipulations for this list is that you weren't previously mentioned in the Vibe Magazine/ one. Well, here goes:

1. Amalgam Digital
2. Blackdown
3. Black Man With Blog
4. Blind I For The Kids
5. Brainfeeder
6. Butterz
7. Clap Cowards
8. Classic Drug References
9. Crate Kings
10. Daily Mathematics
11. Doorknockers
12. Fresh Selects
13. From Da Bricks
14. The Full Clip
15. Grand Good
16. Guerilla Busfare
17. Hip Hop DX Blogs
18. Hip Hop Isn't Dead
19. Ill Roots
20. The Incubator
21. It's The Real
22. Just A Moment
23. The Kaos Effect
24. Karen Civil
25. Kevin Nottingham
26. Know Good Music
27. Martini & Jopparelli's Music Selections
28. Model Minority
30. Nerd With Swag
31. Not A Blogger
32. No Trivia
33. Oh Word
34. Okayplayer blogs
35. Pardon Me Duke
36. Platform 8470
37. Potholes In My Blog
38. QN5
39. Rappers I Know
40. Renaissance Soul Detroit
41. Rock The Dub
42. Spine Magzine
44. 33 Jones
45. Turbo City
46. Wake Your Daughter Up
47. Werner Van Wallenrod's Humble Little Hip Hop Blog
48. When They Reminisce
49. XXL blogs
50. Yellow Rebel

I decided to do another list featuring 25 more blogs that heads might peruse or check for as well. The nature of these blogs may vary from being writer based to an artists blog that features exclusives or other things of that nature. Some of the following blogs feature social commentary, writeups about classic material or just provide the means to download radio mixes or podcasts of rare music for the visitor. Either way, they all made the list...just deal with it.

25 More To Watch Out For

1. Aggregate Dope
2. Behind The Beats/Mastaplan
3. Chantelle Fiddy's World Of Whatever
4. Cold Rock Da Spot
5. Complex Magazine
6. Culture King
7. Dom Corleone's Hits From The Blog
8. Fresh Cherries From Yakima
9. From The Restless Mind
10. Gorilla Vs. Bear
11. MCDayJob
12. Mo Is Dead Serious
13. Patrick Swavy
14. Phalary State Of Mind
15. Praverb The Wyse
16. Ron Mexico City
17. Scritch & Scratch
18. Smugpolice
19. Snark Jacobs
20. The Somya Life
21. Soul Sides
22. That's Major
23. A Thousand Grams
24. The Winner Circles
25. Wonka Beats

Wait, what the hell is that? This list is bullshit! Where's Real Talk NY at? They NEVER make any lists! No Mikey McFly? How the fuck did you miss Boo Goo Doo Boom? Where's The S Ence's blog at, dummy? No Beat Society? Hello? I figured your nerd ass would've snuck Ich Luge Bullets onto one of these lists! All the time you spent on Passion Of The Weiss and Not A Blogger and you somehow missed mention of Pay Tray? I take it you've never seen or read Sketches Of My Soul before, either? I guess your own Boston people Honorable Media got tossed under the bus cuz they're not "Rap" enough or because they cover too many mainstream artists for your tastes, huh? So what if I Bootlegged Your Mum hasn't been around for a few months, it and Che Sing The Cool or From A Young H Perspective should've been included! These lists both suck and so do you! *And scene!* Please direct all criticism, hatred and/or death threats to the comments section, thank you.



Anonymous said...

Its Nay and I just want to throw it in that I read your blog ever day- its booked marked and all that you just gave me 50 more I have to read. Damn you.

Anonymous said...

lol u mad cuz u didn't get a look in

DJ SAV*ONE said...

nice list Dart. Nice additions you made.

peace & respect.


DL said...

Thanks for the love Dart, you know it's appreciated.



Gnawledge said...

thanks for the list... you done done your research. peace

Hza said...

Love this compiled list of your top 75. Great work. Takes a bunch of time and dedication to got thru all of these, and I know I don't really have the time.

Djlethal01 said...

ML=Top 50 to not mentioned at all!

Vee (Scratch) said...

WHAT!?!! I'm not in the top 10 of the 1st 50 blogs!?!! Yo, I produced the Chronic, wrote The P is Free, and directed all of Busta Rhymes earlier videos!! Who do you think schooled all those other blogs like boingboing, mediatakeout and perezhilton?!? WHO DO YOU THINK PUT KANYE ON TO BLOGGING, ARCHITECTURE, EXPENSIVE GADGETS, INTERIOR DESIGN AND AN OVER ALL APPRECIATION OF GRAPHICS AND ART FROM AFRICA?!?

Me!! That's who!!!
Just kidding, I just got back from the bar. I'm honored bro. I think this is the first time I made a list!

(Thinking . . . maybe I should include more hip-hop related stuff?)

Unknown said...

oh thanks Dart, mad appreciated, Dart, you know your blog is one of my faves of all time, I read it, but sometimes I am to lazy to comment, I will try harder.


Werner von Wallenrod said...

Thanks for the inclusion! This is a much better list (and not JUST because I'm on it hehe).

Imagine, a list of hip-hop blogs by someone who actually knows something about hip-hop blogs. What will they think of next? ;)

fresh said...

Vibe hasn't been relevant to hip hop since the 90's, when they were simultaneously exploiting and fanning the flames of the east coast/west coast beef, and yet they've managed to be the only topic of discussion in (online) hip hop for the past two weeks just by publishing a list of names. Print media - at least the hip hop subdivision of it - is dead, you (and I don't mean "you, Dart Adams" but "you" as in all hip hop sites) are merely keeping it on life support by giving them attention when they pull stunts like this. Lending weight to Vibe's opinion on hip hop blogs makes about as much sense as taking your grandfather's opinion on the current state of rap seriously - it's irrelevant.

(Rant aside, I really do appreciate you including me in the list.)

Marty aka Marty Mcfly said...

Cool, thanks mate!


Aaron said...

Thanks for the nod but Know Good Music sucks worse than ever. I would close it completely but it's a fun way to keep my real life friends guessing & I always love the random comments that still stream in from when I said TI sucks.

John Q said...

No Lyrics anywhere *starts to blubber and get the crying disease* This must mean I have to start blogging more *Anonymous: Great Another Blogger* *John Q responds: I said *edited* let me set this sh*t off so I could get rich right quick Then it hit me like the point of intoxication... IGNORE THE NAYSAYERS AND COMMAND THE BLOG ARENA LIKE A GENERAL!!!!

John Q is Coming...

JNOTA said...

great list, dart!

DocZeus said...

I appreciate the love, son.

Max said...

Much appreciated, Dart. I really have to start commenting more over here. And Fresh has a valid point: if everyone simply ignored Vibe's list, would their opinion even truly matter?


Jay Smooth said...

is there some utility i can use to subscribe to all these at once?

Cenzi Stiles said...

good list. Lots of good stuff here. can I suggest

Dart Adams said...

@ Cenzi Stiles: already made the Vibe Magazine 50 Rap Blogs list. NONE of these did. I said that was one of the list stipulations in the write up preceeding the lists. the HELL am I gonna get to interview Steve Rifkind when his people got my blog taken down in the first place?


vincentlopez said...

Thanks for the recognition.


soulsupreme said...

Thanks for the adding us on your Top 50, appreciate it fam!

aeon? said...

thanks fam! i'm truly honored!

*Maiya* said...

Thanks on behalf of Blind I For The Kids!

AlgiersTwin said...

:) honoured!

#PraverbForever! said...

thanks for the love homie...

OZ said...

Good looks on the love from

For record our goal is to make the tops next year!!

Also you know anytime you want to write an editorial for us you are more than welcomed!!

Elijah said...

cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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